Seed a new lawn any time it can be prepared, except in late summer. Since cold will kill young seedlings, planting should be done no later than the end of August in Florida and coastal areas, early August in the mid-south and early July in the upper South. After the soil gets cold in late fall (November in most areas) it is again safe to seed because the Centipede seed will not germinate until the soil warms next Spring.

March and April are the best planting months for several reasons, but quicker germination will occur during May, June and July when the soil is warmer provided that the planting is adequately watered.

No germination of early plantings can be expected until soil temperatures become 70 degrees F. or better and the soil is kept constantly moist for two or three weeks.

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Gulf Kist Centipede Seed is available to Retail & Wholesale customers! Gulf Kist Seed sells coated seed in 1lb, 5lb, & 25lb containers. Gulf Kist Seed also sells raw and coated seed in bulk.

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Gulf Kist Centipede Seed produces a low maintenance, warm season lawn. Centipede is a very popular choice for Southeastern lawns in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas. 



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