Special Centipede Seed Pricing for Wholesale Customers!

Centipede is known for its excellent heat tolerance making it one of the best grasses for the Southeast region. This extremely low maintenance grass is available as Gulf Kist Seed, produced exclusively by Woerner Turf. Gulf Kist Centipede Seed is available Coated – enhaced with Bio-Kote to allow for better germination, and also Raw. You can place a bulk centipede seed order, a wholesale order or purchase 1lb, 5lb or 25lb bags here. Submit the form below or call us at 251-943-4716 for more information about bulk/wholesale seed purchases. 

Coated Centipede Seed vs. Raw Centipede Seed

Gulf Kist Centipede Seed is available Raw or Coated. Coated Centipede Seed has a special coating that establishes a “microenvironment” for stimulating vigorous growth. This coating provides many benefits including:

  • Increasing stand and survival under harmful conditions
  • Controlling damping-off and downy mildew
  • Achieving better seed to soil contact to aid in germination

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